Police Checks are Standard Practice in Most Industries

Nowadays, it is standard practice for many organizations and employers to request for a police check from applicants seeking employment or contracts. They usually require a valid and current check which to help them gauge your integrity. The police conduct these police checks and assist individuals with occupation-related licensing and registration purposes. The confidentially regarding the criminal history of the applicant is usually safeguarded and cannot be released without written consent from the applicant. However, the confidentiality provision of this requirement does not apply to cases where the information is required for law enforcement purposes.
In many places, the police are not permitted to conduct record checks for overseas applicants or individuals in temporary or permanent residency or citizenship. Their checks are usually done with government departments which deal with immigration issues. However, all the other applicants are usually required to contact the criminal records section in their respective police jurisdictions. There are also some accredited agencies which perform police checks on behalf of applicants at a fee. They are able to process the entire police check lodgement and despatch online. These agencies have made it much easier and faster for people to conduct police checks. The law also requires the agencies to be accredited by the appropriate intelligence authorities or commissions.
There is also the issue of fingerprint checks which must also be conducted but in accordance with the appropriate legal requirements for such checks. Fingerprints are usually checked against a central database of records, and this is usually done at an additional cost to the applicant In case a fingerprint check is required, it becomes the applicant’s responsibility to obtain a full set of fingerprints from his or her local police jurisdiction. It should, however, be noted that the use of a live scan system to obtain fingerprints is not allowed.

Intercheck Police checks are just normal checks which help improve your profile in the eyes of your potential employer or the person or organization that requires it. As long as one has a clean record, it should not be an issue of concern to any individual.