Most out of Wedge Heel Boots
The Wedge Heel Boots are the ideal way to go if you want to gain that extra height and/or leg-elongating effects provided by high heels. These foot wears are killer chick and foot-friendly in addition to being sexy in a way that is casual and subtle.

Wearing the wedge boots

The Wedge Heel Boots from BHD create a big visual impact. However, if you are to get that stylish look, it is important to dress the rest of the leg with a matching outfit. An example may be wearing skinny jeans. These jeans gives the legs a slimmer look hence creating a balanced look. If worn with the appropriate outfit, the Wedge Heel Boots are capable of giving an impressive and stunning look.

• Wedge with looser top

Since the idea is to keep a slim and tall looking figure, in order to balance the weight presented by the Wedge Heel Boots, it is appropriate to dress a looser, skinny jeans, tunic or a free flowing blouse. However, you are advised to avoid overwhelming yourself with plain, dull colors. You can spice the looks by wearing a funky skinny jeans or patterned leggings.

• Wedge boots and shorts

Short skirts, shorts and short Capri are also great options. The bottoms are capable of drawing the eye upward hence providing a limiting factor to the leg’s bottom weight. The act helps to maintain a body figure that is stable and brings style together.

Shopping for Wedge Boots

The Wedge Boots come in a variety of styles and colors. However, there are other considerations to take into account while shopping for the appropriate boots.

• Height

The ideal heel height is dependent on occasions and the type of image you would like to project. Tall heels provide a trendier and forward looks, but ensure that you are comfortable in them.

• Shop at day end

Since feet tend to swell throughout the day, it is important to avoid purchasing at morning hours. This is because it may fit well and later start causing you unnecessary pain.

The above dressing and shopping tips will help you get the most of the Wedge Heel Boots. Make sure you grab a pair and rock that gorgeous look.